What Is The Difference Between Rescue and Rehoming

Rescue dogs are typically adult dogs who have been surrendered by their previous owners to a Breed Rescue organization. Sometimes Breed Rescue organizations will take a purebred straight from animal shelters and attempt to place them in loving new homes. There are many reasons why a dog will go into rescue – the death of an owner, change in housing, or many times they were simply no longer wanted by their previous owners.

Re-homes are also adult dogs, but differ from Rescues in the fact that they have been bred and/or owned by the current owner. They may be show dogs who are now looking for a comfortable couch to retire to, or they may have been sold as puppies, and then returned to their breeders by their owners as adults. They may be dogs that need a new home due to changed circumstances of the current owner.

If you are looking for a companion, and would rather begin with an adult dog versus a puppy, a Rescue or Re-home dog may be right for you.

When you adopt a rescue, you’re giving a dog a second chance at a wonderful life!

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