• What Is The Difference Between Rescue and Rehoming
    Rescue dogs are typically adult dogs who have been surrendered by their previous owners to a Breed Rescue organization. Sometimes Breed Rescue organizations will take a purebred straight from animal shelters and attempt to place them in loving new homes. There are many reasons why a dog will go into rescue – the death of […]
  • Why Get A Rescue Dog
    Purebred rescue organizations are made up of people who care deeply about their breed. They are experts in all matters concerning their breed; their strengths and weaknesses, health issues, training methods, grooming needs, temperament, etc. Because of this, they are well equipped to analyze, rehabilitate, and place each dog in the type of home that […]
  • “BARF” Diet Introduction
    Always searching for better, more economic diets for dogs, breeders, and exhibitors of pets and performance dogs are traveling in two directions these days. The majority of these dog owners cheer on the development of ever more specialized commercial diets by premium pet food manufacturers. However, a growing and increasingly vocal segment of the population […]