Affenpinscher Breed Information

The Affenpinscher is a German breed developed in the 1600s to hunt small rodents. A foreshortened muzzle, pronounced stop, large round eyes, erect ears, with a fly-away head and facial hair combine to give this little terrier a unique, impish appearance with its monkey-like face.

In France, the Affenpinscher is called Diabolotin Moustachu, which means “moustached little devil” and that tells you about both his appearance and his attitude. The Affenpinscher is a happy combination of charm and pluck, taking himself very seriously. A small dog with stamina, agility, and great courage, he also is a sensitive and gentle companion with a great desire to please. Affenpinschers are intelligent and quick to learn, and require a minimum of grooming. They are alert and willing at all times to protect their owner, his home and possessions.

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